Neurophysiological characteristics of supra-segmental structures in patients with arterial hypertension and chronic headaches

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Neurophysiological characteristics of chronic headaches in patients with arterial hypertension were studied using brainstem auditory evoked potentials, visual evoked potentials and blink reflex. In patients with arterial hypertension suffering from chronic headaches, signs of brainstem dysfunction were revealed, which was accompanied by impairments of ascending afferent input and dysfunction of upper structures (thalamus and cortex), including impairment of functioning of the antinociceptive system of supraspinal level. These abnormalities result in the formation of a specific clinical pattern in the studied group of patients.


About the authors

E. A. Kuznetsova

Kazan State Medical University (Kazan)

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation

E. Z. Yakupov

Kazan State Medical University (Kazan)

Russian Federation


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