Changes in the in-hospital mortality due to stroke and factors affecting its reduction in the European Union, Middle East, USA, Canada, Ethiopia and China
Vozniuk I.A., Morozova E.M., Prokhorova M.V.
Clinical-morphological features of hemodynamic strokes
Tanashyan M.M., Ablyakimov R.E., Gulevskaya T.S., Anufriev P.L., Evdokimenko A.N.
Progressive ischaemic stroke: the difficulty in choosing antithrombotic therapy
Shirokov E.A., Lomakin N.V., Buryachkovskaya L.I.
A new approach for stroke prevention in Russia
Feigin V.L., Varakin Y.Y., Kravchenko M.A., Piradov M.A., Tanashayan M.M., Gnedovskaya E.V., Stakhovskaya L.V., Shamalov N.A., Krishnamurthi R.-., Bhattacharjee R.-., Parmar P.-., Hussein T.-., Barker-Collo S.-.
In-hospital stroke in patients after cardiovascular surgery
Filimonova P.A., Volkova L.I., Alasheev A.M., Grichuk E.A.
Does gender influence the clinical characteristics of ischaemic stroke in patients aged 45–74 years?
Maksimova M.Y., Airapetova A.S.
Comparing the results of surgical and conservative treatment of patients with supratentorial hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage. A new look at previously known randomized studies
Godkov I.M., Dashyan V.G.
The first clinical use of a Russian stent retriever during thrombectomy in patients with ischaemic stroke
Grachev N.I., Malaev D.U., Andreev M.N., Trebushat D.V., Syrovnev G.I., Loskutnikov M.A., Vakin T.M., Konstantinov V.I., Domashenko M.A.
The effect of modifiable stroke risk factors on systemic thrombolytic therapy in patients with acute stroke
Kotov S.V., Isakova E.V., Kolchu I.G., Belkina S.N.
Neurosurgical aspects of hemorrhagic stroke
Mustafin M.S., Novikova L.B., Akopyan A.R., Shakirov R.R.
Morphological markers of basic pathogenic variants of ischemic strokes in cerebral atherosclerosis
Anufriev P.L., Tanashyan M.M., Gulevskaya T.S., Evdokimenko A.N.
Adhesion molecules in patients with severe atherothrombotic stroke
Okhtova F.R., Mikhal'chenko V.N., Maksimova M.Y.
Stroke before a haematopoietic stem cell transplantation is a potential risk factor for poor response to therapy in patients with blood cancer
Polushin A.Y., Skiba I.B., Bakin E.A., Vladovskaya M.D., Moiseev I.S., Voznyuk I.A., Kulagin A.D.
Legal Aspects of Medical Care in Hospital-acquired Ischaemic Stroke
Voznyuk I.A., Kolomentsev S.V., Nikitin Y.N.
Atherothrombotic stroke in women: blood thrombogenicity and the vascular wall
Maksimova M.Y., Chechetkin А.O., Moskvicheva A.S., Shabalina A.A.
Risk factors for the development of the ischemic stroke in the carotid arterial system in males and females
Maksimova M.Y., Moskvicheva A.S., Chechetkin A.O.
MRI in the assessment of cerebral small vessel disease
Gnedovskaya E.V., Dobrynina L.A., Krotenkova M.V., Sergeeva A.N.
Ischemic stroke and inherited thrombophilias
Pizova N.V.
Prediction of the outcome of the acute phase of ischemic stroke: the role of apoptotic markers
Sergeeva S.P., Savin A.A., Arkhipov V.V., Gul’tyaev M.M., Breslavich I.D., Litvitskii P.F.
Optimization of early rehabilitation of patients with ischemic stroke and sleep-disordered breathing
Lutokhin G.M., Geraskina L.A., Fonyakin A.V., Maksimova M.Y.
Prognostic factors for recovery of motor dysfunction following ischemic stroke
Barkhatov Y.D., Kadykov A.S.
Extended Doppler monitoring of cerebral blood flow in different subtypes of ischemic stroke
Polushin A.Y., Odinak M.M., Voznyuk I.A., Yanishevskiy S.N.
The World Stroke Organization’s Declaration for worldwide primary stroke and dementia prevention
Brainin M., Feigin V.l., Norrving B., Martins S.C., Hankey G.J., Hachinski V.
Intravenous thrombolysis in ischemic stroke: clinical predictors of efficacy and safety
Domashenko M.A., Maksimova M.Y., Tanashyan M.M.
Personification of the approaches to reperfusion therapy of ischemic stroke
Domashenko M.A., Maksimova M.Y., Gafarova M.E., Tanashyan M.M., Antonova K.V., Piradov M.A.
Pathogenetic stroke subtypes and their diagnostic criteria in patients with ischemic heart disease and intracranial atherosclerosis: a clinical-morphological study
Ablyakimov R.E., Anufriev P.L., Tanashyan M.M.
Somatosensory evoked potentials in the evaluation of motor rehabilitation efficacy in patients with ischaemic stroke
Alifirova V.M., Tolmachev I.V., Koroleva E.S., Kucherova K.S.
Neurological aspects of COVID-19
Tanashyan M.M., Kuznetsova P.I., Raskurazhev A.A.
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation in Poststroke Hemianopia
Bakulin I.S., Lagoda D.Y., Poydasheva A.G., Kremneva E.I., Suponeva N.A., Piradov M.A.
The role of long noncoding RNAs in ischaemic stroke
Novikova L.B., Gareev I.F., Raskurazhev A.A., Beylerli O.A., Minibaeva G.M.
Quality of life as an integral indicator for effectiveness of rehabilitation in patients with ischemic stroke
Luk'yanchikova L.V., Bel'skaya G.N.
Gender features in cerebrovascular disorders in different age groups
Maksimova M.Y., Sazonova V.Y., Ayrapetova A.S.
The haemorrhagic transformation of cerebral infarction: classification; pathogenesis; predictors and effect on the functional outcome
Khasanova D.R., Kalinin M.N., Ibatullin М.M., Rakhimov I.S.
Healthcare system for patients with stroke in Russia. Results of 10-years implementation of the measures aimed at improvement of medical care for patients with acute cerebrovascular events
Skvortsova V.I., Shetova I.M., Kakorina E.P., Kamkin E.G., Boyko E.L., Dashyan V.G., Krylov V.V.
The change in androgenic status in men with atherothrombotic stroke
Maksimova M.Y., Moskvicheva A.S., Chechetkin A.O.
Intravenous thrombolysis in acute ischemic stroke
Domashenko M.A., Maksimova M.Y., Kistenev B.А., Loskutnikov M.A., Konovalov R.N., Bryukhov V.V., Krotenkova M.V., Suslina Z.A.
Сlinical-epidemiological study of stroke in the city of Yakutsk
Tretyakova N.N., Varakin Y.Y., Kuzmina Z.M., Chuprova N.G., Gogolev M.P.
Blood pressure in acute ischemic stroke subtypes
Kadomskaya M.I.
Neurospecific peptides in the assessment of brain damage in patients with atherothrombotic stroke
Maximova M.Y., Ionova V.G., Syskina E.N., Shabalina A.A., Kostyreva M.V., Sinektutova O.A.
New opportunities in the use of endovascular methods of recanalization in the management of ischemic stroke
Kutlubaev M.A., Akhmadeeva L.R.
A comparative clinical and neuroimaging study of venous and arterial strokes
Mashin V.V., Belova L.A., Moiseev M.Y., Proshin A.N.
Recovery of static and locomotor functions in patients with the vestibular-atactic syndrome during the recovery from cerebrovascular accident
Kaygorodtseva S.A., Abros'kina M.V., Prokopenko S.V., Ismailova S.B.
Prevalence of the risk factors of cerebrovascular disorders in the capital city residents aged 40–59: a clinical and epidemiological study
Gnedovskaya E.V., Kravchenko M.A., Prokopovich М.E., Andreeva O.S., Sergeev D.V., Oshchepkova E.V., Varakin Y.Y., Piradov M.A.
Pseudostroke as a manifestation of mediastinal choriocarcinoma in an elderly man
Korneva Y.S., Maslova N.N., Rudenko Y.A., Miloserdov M.A., Shisterova O.A.
Doppler ultrasound assessment of minor atrial septal defects in patients with paradoxical embolism
Karshieva A.R., Chechetkin A.O., Belopasova A.V., Dobrynina L.A.
Mechanisms of neurogenesis and angiogenesis in ischaemic stroke: literature review
Koroleva E.S., Alifirova V.M.
Ischaemic stroke and oral inflammatory diseases
Maksimova M.Y., Ryazantsev N.A., Anisimova E.N., Anisimova N.Y., Piradov М.A.
Cerebrovascular disorders and glucolipotoxicity
Tanashyan M.M., Antonova K.V., Raskurazhev A.A., Lagoda O.V., Shabalina A.A., Romantsova T.I.
Carotid artery stenting: early and long-term results
Chechetkin A.O., Kunzevich G.I., Skrylev S.I., Koshcheev A.Y., Prozky S.V., Lagoda O.V., Krasnikov A.V., Suslina Z.A.
Five-year survival after stroke
Kulesh S.D., Likhachev S.A., Filina N.A., Struneusky A.V., Kostinevich T.M., Kliatskova L.A., Sauchanko M.E.
Cardioembolic stroke: characteristics of cerebral, systemic and intracardial hemodinamics and their interrelations with lesion lateralization
Kuznetsova S.M., Egorova M.S.
The effect of transcranial electrical stimulation of brain endorphinergic mechanisms on the blood β-endorphin level in experimental ischemic stroke and traumatic brain injury
Zanin S.A., Kade A.K., Trofimenko A.I., Baykova E.E., Onopriev V.V.
Venous thrombogenesis and functional state of the hemorheology and hemostasis system in stroke patients
Ryabinkina Y.V., Piradov M.A., Tanashyan M.M., Shabalina A.A., Kostyreva M.V.
Surgical results for hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhagesdepending on intervention timing
Dashyan V.G., Godkov I.M., Prokop’ev L.V., Grin A.A., Krylov V.V.
Analysis of factors affecting adherence to treatment in post-stroke patients
Bogolepova A.N., Kovalenko E.A.
Analysis of the factors limiting reperfusion therapy in patients with ischemic strokes
Maslova N.N., Miloserdov M.A.
Endothelial dysfunction in patients with ischemic stroke
Suslina Z.A., Tanashyan M.M., Domashenko M.A., Ionova V.G., Chechetkin A.O.
Multicentral pilot clinical trial of gliatilin in treatment of acute ischemic stroke
Odinak M.M., Voznyuk I.A., Piradov M.A., Rumyantseva S.A., Kuznetsov A.N., Yanishevskiy S.N., Golokhvastov S.Y., Tsygan N.V.
Endogenous neuroprotection during focal brain ischemia in rats: erythropoietin, ischemic pre- and postconditioning
Shmonin A.A., Panov I.Y., Simanenkova A.V., Prosvirnina M.S., Chekanov S.S., Melnikova E.V., Vlasov T.D.
Аcute stroke and type 2 diabetes
Tanashyan M.M., Antonova K.V., Lagoda O.V., Maksimova M.Y., Glebov M.V., Shabalina A.A.
Features of atherosclerosis of the cerebral arteries and pathomorphology of cerebral infarctions in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Anufriev P.L., Tanashyan M.M., Gulevskaya T.S., Ablyakimov R.E., Gnedovskaya E.V.
Cerebrovascular pathology: results and perspectives
Suslina Z.A.
Lower cranial nerve palsias in the internal carotid artery dissection
Kalashnikova L.A., Gulevskaya T.S., Anufriev P.L., Konovalov R.N., Schipakin V.L., Chechetkin A.O., Avdunina I.A., Selivanov V.V., Pavlov E.V.
Pathogenic heterogenety of ischemic stroke and patent foramen ovale
Suslina Z.A., Fonyakin A.V., Chechetkin A.O., Glebov M.V., Geraskina L.A., Nikitin Y.M., Kravchenko M.A.
CT-perfusion in acute ischemic stroke
Sergeev D.V., Lavrentyeva A.N., Krotenkova M.V.
Acute phase of ischemic stroke in diabetes mellitus of type II
Ermolaeva A.I.
The problem of stroke in Seversk, Tomsk region
Alifirova V.M., Antukhova O.M.
Ischemic stroke in young age due to dissection of intracranial carotid artery and its branches (clinical and morphological study)
Kalashnikova L.A., Gulevskaya T.S., Anufriev P.L., Gnedovskaya E.V., Konovalov R.N., Piradov M.A.
Clinico-epidemiological studies a perspective direction for investigation of cerebrovascular disorders
Suslina Z.A., Varakin Y.Y.
The robotic systems in neurorehabilitation
Chernikova L.A.
Diagnostic criteria for ischemic strokes of various pathogenic subtypes in patients with atherosclerosis and arterial hypertension
Bolotova T.A., Anufriev P.L.
Diffusion-weighted MRI and MR perfusion in an acute period of ischemic stroke
Krotenkova M.V., Suslin A.S., Tanashyan M.M., Konovalov R.N., Bryukhov V.V.
Cerebral perfusion in the acute ischemic stroke: clinical and CT-perfusion assessment
Sergeev D.V., Krotenkova M.V., Piradov M.A.
Poststroke cognitive impairment in patients with deep hemispheric lesions
Shahparonova N.V., Kashina E.M., Kadykov A.S.
Stroke-like episodes in mitochondrial encephalomyopathy with lactic acidosis
Kalashnikova L.A., Dobrynina L.A., Sakharova A.V., Chaykovskaya R.P., Mir-Kasimov M.F., Konovalov R.N., Shabalina A.A., Kostyreva M.M., Gnezditsky V.V., Protsky S.V.
Results of surgical treatment of atherosclerotic stenosis of carotid arteries in patients after ischemic stroke
Kazanchyan P.O., Popov V.A., Larkov R.N., Esayan A.V., Kotov S.V., Kozlova I.A.
Cerebrovascular disorders in antiphospholipid syndrome
Kalashnikova L.A.
The course of the acute period of ischemic stroke after inravenous thrombolysis
Domashenko M.A., Maksimova M.Y., Loskutnikov M.A., Nikonov A.A., Bryukhov V.V.
Effect of Lokomat trainings on the severity of gait disorders in patients after stroke
Klochkov A.S., Telenkov A.A., Chernikova L.A.
The use of structural and functional neuroimaging for the evaluation of motor rehabilitation in patients with ischemic stroke
Dobrynina L.A.
Locomotion supraspinal control assessment in healthy people and stroke patients with the use of passive motor fMRI paradigm
Kremneva E.I., Chernikova L.A., Konovalov R.N., Krotenkova M.V., Saenko I.V., Kozlovskaya I.B., Chervyakov A.V.
MRI in the assessment of motor function restoration in patients with chronic supratentorial infarction
Dobrynina L.A., Konovalov R.N., Kremneva E.I., Kadykov A.S.
Functional reorganization of sensorimotor cortex in chronic hemispheric ischemic stroke patients with different severity of motor deficit
Dobrynina L.A., Kremneva E.I., Konovalov R.N., Kadykov A.S.
Immunological changes in acute ischemic stroke
Zhirnova I.G., Maximova M.Y., Komelkova l.V., Varakin Y.Y., Bolotova T.A.
Citicoline (Ceraxon) in acute stroke: assessment of clinical efficacy and effects on cerebral perfusion
Piradov M.A., Sergeev D.V., Krotenkova M.V.
Hyperglycemia and free radical imbalance as prognostic factors in acute stroke
Rumyantceva S.A., Silina E.V., Orlova A.S., Orlov V.A., Bolevich S.B.
Mirror visual feedback – mirror therapy in neurorehabilitation
Nazarova M.A., Piradov M.A., Chernikova L.A.
Organization of language network in healthy subjects and its reorganization in patients with poststroke aphasia
Belopasova A.V., Kadykov A.S., Konovalov R.N., Kremneva E.I.
Paraneoplastic coagulopathy as the cause of acute repeated stroke (clinical-morphological case)
Maximova M.Y., Smirnova I.N., Loskutnikov M.A., Seliverstov Y.A., Chajkovskaja R.P.
Mechanisms of neuroplastisity and rehabilitation in hyperacute period of stroke
Sidyakina I.V., Schapovalenko T.V., Lyadov K.V.
Neuroprotection in cerebrovascular diseases: is it the search for life on Mars or a promising trend of treatment? Part 1. Acute stroke
Piradov M.A., Tanashyan M.M., Domashenko M.A., Sergeev D.V., Maksimova M.Y.
Hemorheology and hemostasis in ischemic stroke patients treated with i.v. thrombolysis
Gafarova M.E., Domashenko M.A., Korobkova D.Z., Maximova M.Y., Loskutnikov M.A., Shabalina A.A., Kostyreva M.V., Konovalov R.N.
Robot-assisted therapy with the use of MOTOmed letto 2 in complex early rehabilitation of patients with stroke admitted to the intensive care unit
Prokazova P.R., Piradov M.A., Ryabinkina Y.V., Kunzevich G.I., Gnedovskaya E.V., Popova L.A.
Vascular aspects of multiple sclerosis: myth or reality?
Peresedova A.V., Kulikova S.N., Zavalishin I.A.
Statins and ischemic stroke prevention and treatment
Fonyakin A.V., Geraskina L.A.
Clinical manifestations of internal carotid artery dissection
Kalashnikova L.A., Dobrinina L.A.
Risk factors for cerebrovascular disease according to the screening of middle-aged population of Ulyanovsk
Mashin V.V., Belova L.A., Saprygina L.V., Kravchenko M.A., Varakin Y.Y., Gnedovskaya E.V., Suslina Z.A.
Objectivization of equilibrium and stability changes in patients with stroke in the early restorative period
Romanova M.V., Kubryak O.V., Isakova E.V., Grochovsky S.S., Kotov S.V.
Myeloproliferative diseases and ischemic stroke
Tanashyan M.M., Kuznetsova P.I., Lagoda O.V., Shabalina A.A., Subortseva I.N., Melikyan A.L.
Hemorheology and hemostasis in stroke patients with type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome
Tanashyan M.M., Shchepankevich L.A., Orlov S.V., Telenkova N.G., Shabalina A.A., Kostyreva M.V.
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