A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Effect Duration of a Single Local Corticosteroid Injection in Combination with Regular Wrist Joint Splinting in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Introduction. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the most frequent tunnel neuropathy. Local injection of corticosteroids (CS) and wrist splinting are used to treat CTS. The optimal frequency of local CS injections has not been determined.

The aim of this study was to carry out a comprehensive (clinical, electrophysiological, and ultrasound) evaluation of the effect duration of a single local injection of corticosteroid with lidocaine in patients with mild and moderate CTS, in combination with regular wrist splinting for 6 months.

Materials and methods. Changes in the clinical, neurophysiological, and ultrasound parameters were analyzed in 44 cases of mild and moderate CTS after a single local administration of CS and the use of regular wrist splinting. The results of Tinel’s test, Phalen’s test, and the Boston Questionnaire, median nerve conductivity based on electroneuromyography data, cross-sectional area of the nerve at the entrance to the carpal tunnel, and the degree of nerve flattening on ultrasound were assessed before treatment and within six months after injection.

Results. Within 6 months following injection, all patients noted a significant improvement in the clinical condition. The greatest clinical effect occurred in the first 2 months, after which the objective signs of improvement stabilized or gradually regressed. Clinical symptoms, nerve conduction values, and the cross-sectional area remained stably improved for 6 months, while the amplitude of motor and sensory responses remained stable for 2 months.

Conclusion. In mild and moderate CTS, local injection of CS and lidocaine plus splinting provides the maximum improvement in clinical, electrophysiological, and ultrasound parameters for the first 2 months. We hypothesize that a further improvement in objective results is possible with a repeat injection after 2 months.

About the authors

Vasiliy N. Kiselev

Nikiforov Russian Center for Emergency and Radiation Medicine

Author for correspondence.
Email: kiselev.neurologist@gmail.com
Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg

Nikolay Yu. Alexandrov

Almazov National Research Centre

Email: kiselev.neurologist@gmail.com
Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg

Tatyana M. Alexeeva

Almazov National Research Centre

Email: kiselev.neurologist@gmail.com
Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg


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