Sphenopalatine ganglion stimulation in refractory cluster headache: clinical case and literature review

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Cluster headache is characterized by specifically intense pain when compared to other types of headache. About 10–20% of patients report no effect from conservative therapy. Research in this area has led to the use of sphenopalatine ganglion stimulation. The authors provide an up-to-date review of this method, how to select suitable patients, indications for surgery, determining its efficacy, and the risk of complications. The article presents a clinical case of a patient with cluster headache who was implanted with a stimulation system and followed up for 17 months.

About the authors

Vidzhai M. Dzhafarov

Federal Center of Neurosurgery

Author for correspondence.
Email: dzhafarow.vidzhai@mail.ru
Russian Federation, Novosibirsk

Alexander B. Dmitriev

Federal Center of Neurosurgery

Email: dzhafarow.vidzhai@mail.ru
Russian Federation, Novosibirsk

Galina I. Moysak

Federal Center of Neurosurgery

Email: dzhafarow.vidzhai@mail.ru
Russian Federation, Novosibirsk

Jamil A. Rzaev

Federal Center of Neurosurgery

Email: dzhafarow.vidzhai@mail.ru
Russian Federation, Novosibirsk


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