Ultrasound imaging of the brachial plexus in healthy adults and those with neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome

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Ultrasound of the brachial plexus (BP) is a readily available and informative imaging method. Good knowledge of normal BP anatomy and its variations, as well as the ultrasound technique for examining the BP, is the key to success. We present an ultrasound technique for BP assessment in healthy adults and patients with neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome.

About the authors

Irina Kh. Mukhambetalieva

Medical Center «Clinic of neuromuscular diseases»

Author for correspondence.
Email: i.mukhambetalieva@hotmail.com
Russian Federation, Moscow

Evgeniya S. Druzhinina

Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University

Email: i.mukhambetalieva@hotmail.com
Russian Federation, Moscow

Dmitry S. Druzhinin

Yaroslavl State Medical University

Email: i.mukhambetalieva@hotmail.com
Russian Federation, Yaroslavl


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